Paola Stolfi


Postdoctoral Researcher

Paola Stolfi is currently a post-doc researcher at the CNR’s Institute of Applied Mathematics Mauro Picone in Rome. She graduated in Pure Mathematics and has obtained her Ph.D. in Statistics from University of Roma Tre. Her final thesis work revolved around the investigation and development of the theoretical properties of robust statistical estimators for high dimensional models. Stolfi is an applied mathematician with a specialization in multi-level models, which are the result of the combination of mathematical models, probabilistic models and machine learning algorithms. Over the years, she has developed these areas of expertise by working on several research projects and publications spanning from energy to finance and computational biology. Amongst relevant projects, Stolfi has worked with one of the major Italian energy companies on the development of a multi-level model aimed at monitoring the production of an oil platform. Moreover, she has worked on the development of a statistical model aimed at predicting energy prices according to several economic scenarios. She is currently working on a multi-level model aimed at describing the spread of antibiotic resistance. Her research field includes mathematical and statistical modelling, the development of estimation methods for heavy tails and time varying models by using robust and kernel methods, as well as the development of statistical emulators aimed at supporting fully-detailed mathematical models. She has participated in a number of international conferences showing the results of her investigation. Stolfi also works as adjunct professor of Mathematics at the Business Department of University of Roma Tre.