Publication: In silico designing of vaccine candidate against Clostridium difficile


We are excited to announce the publication of a paper in Scientific Reports, titled “In silico designing of vaccine candidate against Clostridium difficile” by Srijita Basak, Debashrito Deb, Utkarsh Narsaria, Tamalika Kar, Filippo Castiglione, Indraneel Sanyal, Pratap D. Bade & Anurag P. Srivastava. In this study, CotE, SlpA and FliC proteins are used to form a multivalent, multi-epitopic, chimeric vaccine candidate to combat the recurrence of CDI (Clostridium difficile infection) in hospitalized patients using the immunoinformatics approach. C. difficile survives in the environment as very stable spore forms, resistant to antibiotics and harsh conditions, and is the root cause of recurrent infections. An in silico immune simulation system evaluated the effectiveness of the candidate vaccine to trigger a protective immune response.

This work has been partly conducted by the Institute for Applied Computing (IAC) of the National Research Council of Italy within the framework of the MAGIcIAN project.

Please find a link to the paper here