AMR & Covid-19: We need Surveillance and Monitoring

The world’s antibiotic arsenal is declining in size due to the decreasing effectiveness of these drugs. The current pandemic is only making the problem worse as the world looks away from AMR and prioritizes covid-19. However, by treating covid-19 patients with antibiotics, resistance to antibiotics is increasing.

What will we do when antibiotics no longer work? Our health will be at stake as currently curable bacterial infections will become uncurable due to AMR. While low-income countries are disproportionally burdened by infectious diseases, the magnitude of clinical AMR in these countries is largely unknown since structural surveillance is expensive in terms of direct costs, human resources, and infrastructure. This is where the MAGIcIAN project comes into play. MAGIcIAN aims to support prioritization of surveillance efforts in low-income countries, by filling the gaps in the global map of clinical AMR using state-of-the-art data science and machine learning algorithms that link socioeconomic and demographic status of individual countries to their levels of AMR.

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